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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lacken, Co. Mayo

I took a drive to Lacken yesterday and decided to drive around all the little narrow back roads to see if it lead me anywhere interesting. Sometimes I try to get lost (its not easy when your trying for some reason).

I came to a dead end at a coast line so I got out and walked. What a beautiful spot I had found. The Atlantic waves were pounding off the cliffs making loud crashing booms and shooting many meters in the the air. The sun was just about to go down (to the right of the cliffs). It was hard to find a spot to take a photo without running the risk of getting hit by one of these waves and getting dragged out to the sea. I think its one of the reasons I like the sea, its so intimidating and powerful. Not being able to swim would have a sight influence too im sure.

I had taken a few photos when it started to rain so I headed back to the car. I hate the rain!! Planning on going back soon and im sure I seen a cave somewhere :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Old House

Took a detour on the way home from a job yesterday. Its strange, theres an old back road over some mountains that ive been on a few times but always coming from the same direction. Yesterday i was coming from the other for a change. In doing so i seen so many potential photos that I never noticed before.

These were taken at a derelict house I wondered into. Getting the shot meant walking through a very marshy field waring what might as well be slippers. I also realized that my very light trousers offered no protection from stinging nettles. Finally when I got into the old house I was met by the smell of rotting sheep carcase. (can be seen on the left of the first pic). There was a humming sound throughout the house too. Bee's! Lovely, although i have got stung a few time they dont bother me as much as some people. That said, I do find that sound very intimidating. The stairs looked like it may collapse but I had to see what was up there. The humming got louder as I set up my camera and tripod at the top of the stairs facing into an old bedroom with a big old fireplace. Got a few shots without falling through the floor or getting stung.

A strange thing happened after. Two sheep entered the house and went to the corner of the room downstairs. One lay down and died while I was standing there. The other just stood beside it. It was a strange moment.
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