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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wedding in Broadhaven Bay hotel, Belmullet

A photo from Claudette & Henry's wedding which tool place in Crossmolina and reception was in the Broadhaven Bay hotel in Belmullet.

Ive covered quite a few weddings in the Broadhaven Bay hotel this year and have many more for next year. It has to be said, these guys go all out for their wedding guests.

Didnt arrive home last night until about 1:30am. Yawn!!! And then a photoshoot with two energetic children this morning.

Its going to be another late one tonight but tomorrow morning ill be making up for all lack of sleep. zzz

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First winter photos of the year.

Is it surprising that people are talking about hardly anything else but the weather. But then whats new with that?

Got taking my first winter photos on Saturday morning while on my way to the studio in Westport. I came across this scene of a white horse in a snowy field with a perfect view of Westport's most popular mountain, Croagh Patrick. I was trying to get the horses attention for one of the photographs but she was having none of it.

Didnt really get taking many photos as I was on my way to the studio to meet a wedding couple and was then heading off to Limerick but I promise to take alot more wintery photos of Mayo and Galway this winter.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raining in Wesport again, lets hope it clears for the weekends weddings

We have been experiening awful weather over the past two weeks here in Mayo. Fingers crossed it clears for this weekends weddings.

Its not like the whole day is ruined or anything, but a bit of sunshine makes everything that bit better.

Looking out the window of my studio here in Westport and it looks like a small river coming down the road. Thank god I'm on a hill.
No one said it would be easy moving to the wild west and setting up the wedding photography business next to the Atlantic breeze.

But seriously, its actually only rained on about four weddings Ive done this year.

So maybe I'm just lucky.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A stroll around Tourmakeady woods on an Autumns morning

I seem to be uploading a fair amount of posts about Robin. But what can I say, he's a very photogenic chap ;)

As I may have mentioned, I have moved the photography studio to Westport. It made sense to move house a little closer to the studio too. Not that Crossmolina was a million miles away but the roads were not the best and if this winter is going to be anything like last winter...

Anyway, we have moved to Tourmakeady which is situated at the base of the Partry Mountains and along the western shore of Lough Mask, and its only 20min from the studio. There last Sunday (Halloween) we went for a walk in local woods. Wow, this place is fantastic for a stroll, waterfalls, rivers and lots of woodland of coarse. There seems to be a few loops around the woods ranging from 5km to 8km. We went on the waterfall trail and meandered on to another trail from there. Robin was in his element. 'Whats this?' Whats that?' 'Lost daddy?'

This place would be fab for a family photo shoot this time of year and probably any other season too. Not that I was thinking of work related stuff on my day off..

After the walk we went to Paddy's Thached Pub for a bit of food. We were starvin after about 3 hours of exploring. Really pigged out and went for starter, main course and some hot apple crumble with ice cream. The food was amazing but I ate way too much. This pub will not be serving food until April though, so we got just in time.

The majority of rest of the day was spent vegetated on the couch watching TV.

Enjoy the photos.

Friday, October 29, 2010

New photography studio in Westport

Slowly getting settled in with the new photography studio in Westport. Ill be posting a few photos soon when the signage is sorted.

Really glad I made the move. I love Westport. Its also an extremely popular wedding destination which is also convenient ;)

The studio is located on High Street which is up the hill past the Bank of Ireland.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Psychedelic Church in Mayo

I was told by the groom a few days prior to arriving at this church outside Ballyvary, Mayo that the alter looks like it was designed by Jimi Hendrix. He wasn't wrong! I cant say Ive ever come across a church this colorful.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

David and Lynette's wedding in Sligo

A glimpse into a wedding from last month. David and Lynette traveled over from the UK to have their wedding in Coolaney, Sligo. Their reception was in the Sligo Park Hotel in Sligo town. Luckily for me Lynette knew of this really beautiful location outside of Coolaney where we got some lovely images of them both. I definately wouldn't have found this hidden gem on my own.

A really nice down to earth couple to work with and are really happy with their photos. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Place your bets please!

Its very common now that all tables at weddings place bets for the length of time both the best mans speech and all speeches will last. Some weddings even have betting forms printed for each table.

In future when I'm sitting at the table eating with guests I must refrain from participating in the bet. After all, I do have a slight advantage from attending weddings every week. You kind of get a feel for how long they will go on for.

Won I nice little bit of money last weekend.
Luckily for guests its only the odd time I sit with everyone else during the meal.

I think it may have looked suspicious when I got the length of the best mans speech and the total length pretty spot on at that last wedding. And no, I don't ask the best man, groom, dads, priest etc how long they plan on talking for. My guess is just as good as yours, Honest!! :)

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